In 2019, Americans Are Becoming More Health Conscious, Limiting Animal Products and Opting for Natural, Plant-Based Alternatives

Granny's Natural Deodorant With Activated Charcoal
Granny's Natural Deodorant With Activated Charcoal
Recent news reports have shown that more Americans are becoming more health conscious and as a result they are changing their eating and drinking habits. Sales of beer have fallen with more people opting for spiked seltzers which are lower in carbs and calories, along with pre-made cocktails and premium liquors. Sales of cow milk have also fallen with more Americans opting for non dairy and a recent report has shown a similar move in the meat market, with more and more Americans opting for more plant based foods and increasingly limiting meat.

The trend with Natural Deodorants have followed suit. More people are opting for purchasing natural skin care products. Granny's Natural Products is happy to be a part of America's move towards Natural skincare products - by offering Granny's Natural Deodorant. Granny's Natural Deodorant is a 'Premium' Natural Deodorant cream, made with premium, high-quality all-natural ingredients. The recipe was passed down from our Grandmother who passed in 2016 at the age of 96. The mother of 13 children, born in the rural Mississippi Delta, Granny was masterfully resourceful and she knew how to take a few ingredients to make highly effective, premium skincare products. A part of her legacy is her deodorant cream.

Granny's Natural Deodorant is an Aluminum-Free, Natural deodorant that offers individuals an alternative to mainstream deodorant creams that contain aluminum.

Granny's Natural Deodorant is an natural, easily spreadable, lightly scented deodorant that is safe for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin.

Granny's Natural Deodorant is produced by Granny's Natural Products. We are a small business and each container is made to order - which we believes ensures a higher quality product due to the freshness of the ingredients.

This Holiday Season - Granny's Natural Deodorant offers a variety of divinely scented, natural deodorant creams. Our deodorant cream is made to order to ensure optimal freshness, it is silky smooth and easily spreadable. It does not stain clothing and it is safe for all skin types. We offer the following scents - Peppermint, Sandalwood, Rose and Lavender.

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