We Are Transitioning! Greater Things Are To Come!

Granny's Natural Deodorant began as a dream in a small country kitchen, deep in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. What began in Ruleville, MS, the hometown of Fannie Lou Hamer, knee-deep in Bible Country, has now been shared with people from all walks of life, all over this country. In 2018, Granny's Natural Deodorant was launched online and to the nation. As any small business we have have had some growing pains, however our customers made it all worth it. The chance to share our product with all of you has been so exhilarating.

From 2018 to 2022, we have been going strong - with the help of wonderful customers such as yourself who decided to try our product. With many of you going on to become repeat customers. The pandemic has created an all new price structure for many of the ingredients we used to make our butters and our deodorants. Due to the increase in cost of of ingredients, or lack of availability of ingredients - at this time we have decided to pivot to creating and selling awesome new products which will continue to be natural, organic and one of a kind. These will be bodycare products. Although we will not be limited to body care products. This is not the end of Granny's Natural Deodorant. It's only a pause while we restructure our product line.

While we transition, we thank you for your continued support. Our new products will be uploaded soon!